In The Heated Night

Everyone else left, some with tears, others with smiles, it happens to us all.

Some are surrounded by family, others like me have photo albums half empty or less.

I’ve always been a stranger despite my best efforts, always felt outside of every home, even my own.

Almost defeated by a mirror, stunned by what I’ve become, been too sensitive too numb.

Been walking nonchalantly but here I come to the end of my life, God loves me so I’ll look forward to making it through the night.

Through the night.


Everyone lives planets away, when I yell, my voice crumbles and fades.

But when I talk to my creator he’s never far, a new creation with a loving Shepard.

I shall not want, I shall not complain, his sovereignty running laps in my veins, despite these growing pains.

Two major weaknesses, mirrors and unbelief

At the end of my trail, systems down limbs fail, raindrops feel like hail, darkness comes but light prevails.

Dark clouds bite, an incredible sight, slapped by raindrops and doubts, friendly face droughts but I’m cared for so I’ll make it through the night.

Through the night.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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