Composition Notebook Champions

Speak now

While the paper listens and waits

When I’m dead

Pens won’t matter anymore

Scribbles allowed

Better written and unread than unwritten


Turn these pages see how God changes actions brought cleansing plus satisfaction thought love wasn’t happenin’ God Almighty more than captain cry now but laughter later deep laughing easy going escalator it’s all worth it respected regulator

I’ll speak now while I can before getting canned understand what I’ve left and hit send mysterious to everyone wherever I’ve been best efforts dragged to recycling bins by friends biggest grins saddest sins lost wins still I rise inside Jesus Christ way truth and life no fear of overheating excitebike


Speak now while you can and the paper is still available poems settle where they land plans crumble tumble fly fan cover your life story before it’s banned buried by self-doubt quicksand stands don’t exist and freedom within is born via flicks of determined wrists resist fog resist mist boy I’m aiming and I’ll hit unsure artists feeling mediocre give it your hardest uppercut ignore them jokers adjust your flame utilize pokers

While the paper awaits

While pens and keyboards await your words.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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