Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Sabotaged From The Inside

Perhaps in silence my heart will be loud humble without traces of pride proud washed away tumble after a long day missing a missing excitement excited only to be taught a lesson second guessing what I thought was a blessing wounds without dressing caressing then hearing she’s just messing stressing in need of resting done with romantic testing


Better off asleep off on my own I creep off-road within a Jeep to new trails possible treasure what will prevail it’s hard to tell well it’s better than maybe one day jail sold possibilities with flawed sails snail mail broken promises in cracked pails pointing fingers broken nails it’s a mess confess stress wears the title our words no longer vital practicing my responses false responses in my recital carefully read the subtitles


Goodbye kiss.


Wallpaper scrapped and torn relationship faded badly worn hints on a cob like corn ear to ear it all disappears clear to one side tuxedo returned unknown to the bride learn how the wedding day burns without relief lying through her teeth seeing above and beneath evaporated belief pushing grief falling tears autumn leaf conversations kept brief

Sticky sticky sticky stuck burning much muck out of funds void of bucks rolling all sevens still out of luck can’t aim missed the puck and we’re both crying swear our hearts dying pride stomping accusations sparks flying bottles promising to be safe bunkers handheld mirrors in our hands as we go under is it any wonder why we’re torn bitten ripped asunder blunder after blunder flesh ready to plunder lover it’s always pride.


Sabotaged from the inside.

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