Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Can We Pull Over For A Few Minutes?

Afraid I’ll never trust you, I think you’re tired of hearing new requests for assurance

Everyday gotta start over, cuddle up feel a little closer, run away back to a roller coaster, bad days I almost ask for relief via your holster, God I wish I could see my name on one of your wall posters, cold some days then hot popping in church on time, toaster

Please don’t ask what I’m looking for, you’ve already promised me forever forevermore, yet heavy eyes seem glued to low lying floors, fetal position instead of boldness when I explore, would love to say I love you but feel like a lying whore, why is it difficult to stay focused above where I’m adored, hard to look in your eyes knowing you’ve been ignored, oh God please help us be together truly, same accord




I’m afraid I’ll never understand why you love me, I’m afraid I’ll never submit like I should, afraid I’ll never see things like you, afraid I’ll find a way to keep your love misunderstood, burning up a matchbook never ever getting back to good, never catching fire, soaked firewood, salt without seasoning, trapped in useless reasoning, no

God’s perfect love, drive out fear.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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