Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Secrets Smother Sunlight

Falling away wasn’t planned

Wind and water mixed with lack of time

Distance howling among tall trees of uncertainty

When will we be reunited responses empty

I had to look away

Dispose hopes and fears hide what I really wanted to say

Detach disassemble deny distract dump and lay it in casket

Shouldn’t have put my heart in her basket

Watching candles die without fuel and that’s where we are.


Said I could be myself with you but I can’t

You can’t see

How the things you’re holding back burn my chest


You claim they don’t exist in your life

But I know what your loved ones don’t know

Claim it’s to make your life easier well it’s working

Guess I’ll keep paying until I’m numb

Guess I’ll stay silent until bitterness comes or I leave

I grieve

Don’t act betrayed don’t be dismayed when I’m cold

You can’t see it.

Don’t worry

I’ll keep you secrets locked away

Get angry and say it’s not about what it’s about

Tell me I should just be quiet with a sealed mouth

Well I am.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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