Lack Loop

Best to forget or best to ignore

I don’t even dream about it anymore

Holding on to air praying it’ll stay faithful

Smiling back at me but unable

Time table requests denied

Driving too many years on this familiar ride

No harsh or quick decisions

All I know this isn’t ordinary living

Giving away until hands are empty


Don’t you worry though I’ll always say things are fine

Writing out my objections elsewhere easing a trouble mind

It’s obvious I waste years on silly missions

Good enough for part-time love yeah fullness is missing

It’s just so hard to understand why I can’t detach

When I never get someone’s all just a small batch

Gotta box to place your items in

In the meantime stop calling each other best friend

Thinking about you must come to an end

Is it best to forget ignore or try again?

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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