Believable Please

I hear what you say

Elegant and well said

Deliveries with bright smiles

But trusting you fails


Oh honey I wish your actions matched, yes, I do

Until then you’re just another suspected disappointment in different shoes

Oh don’t you get offended with your lack of evidence

I’m not getting hurt again hoping for the best

I heard what you said just like the rest


Heaven knows

I dream of letting my defenses take a vacation

Give you full clearance without any hesitation

But I’ve seen this before

Standing behind a closed-door waiting for you to return


This is why I pray for mercy

This is why I pray for companionship to be removed from the heart

Variables haunt me without fail

Liars tell the most interesting tales

Thieves come then off with my hopes they sail

Scared trusting you too will fail.


Prove me wrong

Please prove me wrong





Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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