Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Pray For Your Siblings

They’ll come around during sunny days and see what’s in the oven

At the front windows with cliché lines and chessy smiles

Laughing and playing until thunder starts then they’re not staying

Who is fooled

We want someone to stay through greatest storms, darkest nights when we feel torn, times when we ask God why we were born, battling accusations and false images mental worn down.


God we know these are lies slamming against our house but you are our rock

Yet still a voice identical to ours asks if we’re sure the foundation we trust is sand instead

Years turn into a flip booklet of wasted time a false definition of success drives by running rampant

Confidence crushed and broken

How many miracles, how many prayers, answered and seen still asking if Jesus cares, Lord do you not care we are perishing, are you indifferent while we’re drowning, am we so hard-hearted left out to sea seeing the shore of trust disappear?


I’m supposed to be a light but I can’t get movements quite right, pants falling down shirt buttoned wrong, sing hymns in the shower then feel all alone, praying but not expecting a reply it seems like all interactions have died, are your hands folded or is this another lie, why does it feel like gravity somehow has multipled on my head?


Surely isolation isn’t the key

But even I don’t know what to do with me

Convinced everyone else can clearly see

While I’m still in first grade with kindergarten speech

Pray for your brothers and sisters.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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