Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Shake Off These Cares

How many times must I erase thoughts of bliss wrapped in a kiss it’s amiss a miss what a lift to get dropped to pavement stomped then asked are you okay when everything inside screams run away.


How does maturity come if I’m frightened of life and if I die today as a child of God I’ll see paradise get affections right corrective lenses brand new sight I am strong by Jesus’ might even when the valley of shadows hosts night in God Almighty I’ll trust even as these temporary days turn to rust to dust I’ll go so flow back to the Creator instead of daydreaming, rest.


Destruction distractions happen so fast hey what happened clapping by demons if I ignore God let me drive the boat slip like shower soap no hope nope if I use sensual means to cope been a dope almost hung myself voluntary by thick rope my Father above has all I need instead of focusing on losses wins help Edmond breathe can’t stay immature forever who wants to teethe taught public opinion isn’t a winner all that matters is eating breakfast and dinner regarding my portion it’s God flow back to the Creator, rest.


I don’t want to die without fulfilling my God-given purpose after so many years of running I realize all else is worthless try to run and you’ll figure it out in front of a mirror it’ll hit you mentally it’ll come close speak clearer a question asking your location explain your destination ask God for wisdom get acceleration within his declarations an affiliation perfectly perfect cause for celebration holy set apart blessed designation vastly superior to anything to one’s imagination, rest.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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