Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Ron’s Running

She wanted him home but he was too busy, obligations, I need room so be patient, he’d say this every other day.

Oh you can wait, go out don’t worry about washing plates, what’s your hurry anyhow?

Bed getting colder, dissatisfaction mounting shoulders, excitement passing away.


Praying she asked for forgetfulness, fog over their moments when they kissed, ring laughed at, God please do this please, make me temporarily numb.


She said please don’t let him find my mask off, when if I lie, saying I’m too busy to text and pretend this is okay.

Empty house but he says it’ll be a few days, calls and says something has come up, sorry babe, hope you’re not mad, as if it matters if she is.

Hard to focus when you feel like a fool, he doesn’t understand and it seems cruel, bitterness and hard-heartedness beg to slip between her ears.


Praying she asked for guidance and hope, healthy ways to cope, please help me stay on course, cannot quit, no divorce, strengthen me through this trial, she ended with have mercy on your child, Lord.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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