Tears In A River Strong

What are tears, mixed in the river of daily life

Behind closed doors, behind steering wheels, after church, hidden feels, rush

God, I know I shouldn’t complain, this is far from worst-case places, but I’m tired of stepping out of my house, another busy week at the races


In the shower, at the river, in my car, my tears flow, disappear they disappear

Back to grinding, back to fighting, I’ll gather myself after bitter crying, shake my head then pray, keep on trying, although it feels like all I know is dying


I don’t want to whine, casting my cares a stressful time, here I am again with the same old lines, hold back yeah keep them to myself and find my skin colder

Pain, living life like a bit of rain, it’ll pass soon so stay on the train, outlook muddy splinter in every frame, I’m supposed to be filled with joy without stain

What are tears mixed in the river, do I believe in your willingness to deliver, living by faith yet it’s only a sliver, God I beg you for help, hope giver.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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