Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Promise Stickers

Peel our promises away

You’re unreliable and I laugh at my error of loving you

Okay I’m angry right now so here I am scribbling my doubt

Laughing at how add more time between us


You ask why I’m upset like you don’t get what’s wrong with your absence

I wish I could forget you


God you know how I am, I’ll vent to you and this keyboard, there’s a lesson in this and I’m angry but will not sin, help me see what you see spin my emotions into helpful lessons, I put on a brave face then go home broken and restless, there is peace in you to be worn, my favorite necklace.


Honesty about how I feel

Didn’t know it was allowed

I figured pushing it underneath headaches made for better days

She tells me I’m wrong for feeling disconnected yeah my dissatisfaction has intensified

Smiles and laughs on command while the fire dies

So I’ve been praying to get over her presence and absence

Guess I’ve been foolish again


God you know whom I am, if I am wrong, bless me with your wisdom, I know these are growing pains and lessons, help me see past my own reflection, guide me please, I want to be a godly man, please to me if I’ve been a fool again.


Promise stickers applied just for show, peeled away and placed wherever she wants them to go, smile on her face as I feel more alone than I’ve ever been, she says JUST GET OVER IT, I will.

I will.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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