Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Blur With Grains Of Sand

Proper alignment needed and I’m praying not to swerve

Some days I park on sidewalks after jumping sharp curves

Is it pride leading me to places I don’t want to be

Praying I’m not ignoring the Holy Spirit whispering to me

Afraid my whole life is off course

Afraid I’m rebellious with a stiff neck getting worse

And my eyes are blindfolded by my own hands

Jesus please direct and guide me in mercy to where you are because it’s where I should stand.


An unknown road, I shouldn’t be steering but I love control

It hasn’t gotten me far, and a few times I’ve wrecked the car

God please change my ways, I feel like I waste opportunity filled days

And I pray but is it enough, I read the Bible yet feel I am stuck

Is neutral my favorite gear, rolling backwards down every hill

Have mercy and please give grace, reign over my mind, own every space

Straight ahead not right nor left, kill my pride and deny self

Jesus please direct.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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