Facing Battles On Your Own

Smile on the face but inside it’s a battle

Fiery darts come to take over and gain the saddle

Rattle snakes with attacks YELLING to convince without facts

Long days and nights lunch and dinner packed

Wish the battlefield of the mind would have holidays and relax

Hungry angry lonely tired the enemy crossing wires

Strongholds resistant to fire but the word of God surgical with grip like pliers

Going confidently before the throne seeking grace and mercy in a time of need

Child of God now so I’m blessed and covered as his holy seed

Must remember and know my God my Holy God supplies every need yes indeed

Battling anxiety and depression I’ve learned a lot of lessons

Fear comes dressed up in a dress covered with question marks to steal blessings

Hidden in plain sight and yet dark hidden well need the Word’s light

Smile on the face but inside a daily fight.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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