Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Garbage Post : It Could Be Guessing

It could be, something I’ve done

It could be, punishment

It could be, a test

It could be, just a season without rest

It could be maybe I shouldn’t be guessing

It could be a thorn or the greatest blessing, I need right now

It could be, every differing opinion shines bright

It could be, a beautiful full moon silent night.

I’m guessing.

Maybe my ears are dull and maybe my heart is hardened, maybe I’m in rebellion, maybe maybe comes in servings of a million.

Maybe this silence is just in my head, maybe I’m focused on the world and not what I’ve read about my Savior, maybe maybe is a merry-go-round and I’m too familiar with distractions.

But I’m just guessing.

2 responses to “Garbage Post : It Could Be Guessing”

  1. This is a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and for reading 🙂


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