Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Garbage Post: Writer’s Downpour Ballad Chapter

I, put my energy into everything behind my window panes

Advertise, broadcast, maybe I don’t want to be seen as much as I claimed

No, I don’t scream saying people don’t want to know me

No, I don’t scream with tears in my eyes saying I’m overlooked

I’m, right where should be, when and if there will be a time, you’ll see, until then I’ll remain quiet, I’m innocent fellow reader no I won’t bite.



It’ll come how it comes, walk or run, folded arms until a touch of confidence arises, stable steps, a few falls, interesting surprises, then it’ll blossom in the mind as an awaited flower.


I’ll take it paragraph by paragraph until it’s done


It’s not fair

How I stare

At my walls and keep you in suspense

It’s not fair

How I dare

To say I don’t care because putting in the effort is a risk

It’s not fair

How I’ll hide behind pessimism and pretend it’s being humble

No it’s not fair.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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