Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Conventional Programming At Break Commercial

I don’t want to do this, here I am again

Another day of snapping fingers I’ll be good while I pretend to be satisfied with ordinary temporary busy work it really hurts cup empty so I thirst for adventure

Every day the same working for a wage to dress up my cage while I perform on an unfriendly stage escaping through these stories on a lonely page broken gauge how far to the ending can I disengage to recover better yet can I just leave turning the ignition burning rubber these days feel double dirty definitely need a detail scrubber

And I don’t want to leave my house today.


God I don’t want to make it into Heaven as barely escaping fire my desires seem to be liars feeling empty with purpose unusable but needed for service salt unseasoned yup worthless but it’s the enemy’s attack hoping I’m hopeless trying to get my neck with a rope it’s tricky sticky emotions dragging down joy in exchange for being sickly don’t touch me shell prickly

At least I feel something writing my heart out whatever it’s about I’ll keep going prayers to God Almighty will keep flowing I’ll keep growing knowing he works in me and I’ll be exceedingly joyful at Christ’s return with his glory showing these lessons I’ll learn to totally trust and depend on the beginning and the end my Lord Savior God yeah best friend on praise I’ll hit send forever the King of Kings wins.

I’ll step out of the house ready to be used for God.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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