Conventional Programming At Break

Routine, or the expected unexpected

Don’t know what today holds, almost willing to gamble

I shouldn’t be here, in my ignorant arrogance


God, my breathing and living has been lukewarm

Excited at the end of the day, after work requirements are met

Reset my alarm, doing it all again ignoring this cycle’s regrets


Probabilities, odds are odd so quiet in repetition, days labeled duplicate

Honestly, I’m not looking forward to anything but I’ve best be grateful

Still, this does not seem right and my days don’t appear as bright as they ought to be

I’m missing something, sadly I can’t hear it or see, can’t seem to connect, is it unknown or do I forget, forgot, scared the ending will be an excess of regrets


Back in line

Almost clock-in time

Work then leave

Day off a short reprieve

Repeat until

Worn out torso stiff and still

The joy of my salvation has fled

I pray for refreshment in my daily bread

Instead of back in line

Repeat until I’m


Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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