Appropriately Reserved

Silent days full speed ahead

They can’t twist my statements if nothing is said

Pray in my head quiet and away

God guard my mouth and test whatever I say

I’m not being proud of extra

Just been shaking my head in the mirror

I pray to be slow to speak and quick to hear

Slow to anger for this and every year

Silent days up ahead

Silent days up in my head

Unless I’m praying

Tired yeah exhausted from playing

Triple check what I’m saying

Jesus I’ve been praying for silent days ahead

Tired of hearing my views

It’s worse than the six o’clock news

Imaginary scenes am I done being amused

Only color I see is complainer blue

So I’ll settle down and listen

My understanding incomplete God knows what I’m missing

Uncertainty grinding teeth and hissing

Listen to my Holy Counselor fully no dismissing what I hear

Silent days here and closer than near.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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