Serving Hot Snow

Eyes fixed below, feet pace fast brain slow, show the world weightlifting wet envelopes running ink directly into eyes, surprise a demise planned all along hands willful tied

Convinced our will is the greatest because if it feels good repeat the playlist, lovers of self we are the greatest greatest, repeat one track earphones in can’t hear incoming sirens, or incoming bullets when the flesh is firing

Track set up by built selfishness and ignorance arrogance never changes it’s every generation convinced of advancement while straying, playing God, hating God, until reaping what we sow, regret, during payment screaming oh my God we wrote checks that bounced, totally on the hook for the complete amount

Eyes fixed below.


Captive entertainment swaying streaming always playing saying stay focused no straying think of temporary nonsense while the world is decaying until the grave calls statements of sin never received payment as ignoring bills never removes hooks they stay steadily staying here comes rightful judgement

So much to uncover ahead instead of head down working in a system design for bed, sleepy time while death fed, life and spirit marked out red all for a wasted life if you never come to God for your daily bread, oh do whatever you want the joking joker jokingly said laughing until the buzzer to find an X on your head, stop sleeping sleeper, this life shouldn’t be being led by the dead to the second death

Eyes fixed below, selling hot lies unwrapped find them colder than snow.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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