Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Tuesday Into Wednesday Notebook

I didn’t get any sleep

I was afraid I’d miss something

Lines kept flowing in and out

Working out through the surface

Because I don’t really talk

Because I don’t have any friendly friends

My vacuum gets hard

I’m confused notebook this doesn’t make any sense

And God I’m afraid I’m in the wilderness

Complaining and moaning

Acting foolish trashing my tent

In front of the promised land

Like nah I’d rather stay here

And dream of it all instead.


So I’m gonna write it all out

I’m going to love using these pens

Because I feel it all depends on praying

Reading my Bible plus working out my salvation while trembling

Checking my notes

To see where I’ve been


I didn’t get any rest

So much to pray think about and confess

Washing machine nights in my head

Reading scriptures paying attention triple when the words are red

Because I know there’s nothing good in me

As in my flesh E D M O N D

And Jesus is the true vine

Without him I can do nothing I’ve tried at least thousand times

The enemy hates when I pray

Yells I’m doing it wrong and no hears what I say

Then why are you angry

Then why try to get me to forfeit my life

Then distractions

Like nah I’d rather stay here and daydream


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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