Will I make it to the end?


Or will a fade away a false friend?

I’m so worried

Because I know there’s nothing good in me.

Lip service

Is so easy, so free,

When it’s time to pay my hands are silent.


It’s takes too long to see if I’ll stay.

I’ve gotta schedule for getting my wants and I’m never late, smear my responsibilities procrastination stays first place, more fickle than anyone else in history, how my foolishness multiplies is a mystery

Selfishness in every cell, guess my isolation is to keep you well, don’t want you to get infected with my stone wall, plenty of loved ones and I don’t call, want to take a stand but it’s easier to fall, backstage at life lost in a mirror filled hall, if life is a basketball court I seem to be playing with a deflated ball


Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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