Tired Understanding

I’ll understand

You ran out of time for us

Tired and busy

Up and about, you’re doing so much

When it’s our turn

Your eyes surrender

Sleep calls and you answer

Night after night, how can I dare complain

Rest is more precious yeah I understand

I’ll understand.


Putting my desires in your ears

You already know what I want it’s completely clear

Time with you flies by

Hours are hot balloons in a clear sky

Genuine smiles and gentleness are rare

Finding someone who sincerely cares

You fit all of my wants everyday

But you’re tired from social dues

Feet hurt from those tight work shoes

Annoyed by the local news

Our chilly bedroom calls with comfort

Your eyes falling as bricks in wet snow

It’s been a long rough month

I’ll understand if you start snoring before our lights are off

I understand.

Picture courtesy of Pixel

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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