Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Shake The Wall

I love the situations that clear false importance, here I thought a certain connection was everything now I’m detached battling withdraws goodbye, no longer linger on our eye bridge I was hooked totally booked smitten or whatever you might call it super shook now I’m clean.


Amazing how I steer with confidence still ending up in ditches, one day I’ll realize Heaven holds everything yeah true riches instead of any human or physical distraction, I’ve almost committed suicide drowning in momentarily deceptive satisfaction unaware of weary battles during loss of traction, silly me grasping a loved one’s arms to dodge swarms of yellow jackets in yellow lights blinking bright, yes sir yes ma’am caution lights.


Clear the board, see what’s important, freestyle journal entries a part of therapy scaring me daring me to drop tons of mental weight I’ve held on to as a comfort but I’m nervous, sleeping with fear a great disservice, I thank you for coming up short ending false support now I can find my guilt guilty of false records at court, a false witness.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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