Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Feeling Out Limits

Feeling chained to unbreakable mirror at all times of the day

Feeling stuck in a dry barren place with short-sighted ways I wish erased

God I feel like I’m in neutral in a valley of vanity


I want to go forward, transportation in you to get out of here, break free of every weight, burn doubt and every fear, stop sleeping and arise, put on your full armor, properly worship you and prioritize, refuse all lies.


Days go by and it feels like I’m missing something

Repeating scripts it seems I’m lacking something

Definition dull, dreading indifference, disconnected

Joy of the Lord offline and I don’t want you disrespected

Deep sea diving into my head, why do I do what I do and why what’s said is said


Back to the outskirts, back in quicksand, on the wrong channel, did I disband, while I’m still breathing, Jesus will you pull me out, I have a few screws loose, a few cards short of a full deck and some doubt.


Will I ever change?

Will I ever see?

Will silence wrap her cold arms around me squeeze my lips shut, block my ears?

God will I ever change?

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