Charles’ Trailer Notebook Paper

If my eyes will stay alert and if refrain from distractions refusing to flirt progress could give birth

finding great worth but traction seems to disperse deep down it all hurts a dark cloak when lights go off hard tears when I fall it’s never soft am I double minded one side war the other loft

one side hand to hand combat the other side golf today I’ll choose silence writing in my journal how much I hate violence wanting to scream but must avoid attention flinching played low is my mind scattered yolk scrambled

Identify the identity it’s close and intimate yet foreign to me on a familiar track yet without an exit inquiring eyes plainly see

oh God running into brick walls hurts remember when I used to flirt with depression destruction a false teacher with satanic lessons blessings seemed blocked triple locked heartbeat in chest knocked as I walked in disobedience gladly driven poorly madly to curves kicked around until I got the picture pride is absurd


words of life from Christ and yes he is the way the life proper answer to whom will save us from night my Lord I don’t feel wrapped up tight and I believe please help my unbelief

don’t leave me slipping on ice thinking I’ll stand next time learned helplessness laying content knees bent famished energy spent final attempts sent heart broken love letters rent apart is my battery dead need service more than a jumpstart bring the cart with every tool all may be necessary on a stubborn vehicle a real mule

If I pay attention payment time and focus maybe my eyes will keep their hands up with praise to the day when they’ll play Seal’s kiss from the rose on and at the grave.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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