Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Garbage Post: Stoplight On Vista

I want to be more than a side dish after a long day reading your real wish list daydreaming relationships where you wanted hand holding it’s flaunted or happily displayed but daydreaming is the greatest story never to reach the page stage fright off stage key in pocket but you love your little cage despite sadness and rage


Dialing down attraction it’s too much it’s imbalanced perhaps I’m searching for a hideout in your arms you’ll never totally satisfy just a human being our fires jump but can’t remain high so refuse the tendency to hop for a few more logs that will also die down yet not die always replacing never fixing adding fixings for spice perhaps a side of rice no substitute for peace from God and paradise


Laying in bed, get it all out of my head, emotions and wants playing but never staying, promising forever forever straying, shouting stability while obviously swaying, strong feelings only to find cords fraying, digesting deception.


So doubting God is dumb because we’re off to insensitive and numb thinking our understanding never looses yet it never wins never has won chewing two week old chewing gum swearing it’s fresh flavor vomit we say yum sin tripping feet entanglement where does it come from analyzing every minute word and action tight rope walking or is this abstraction gnashing of teeth and weeping me not want wake me up start finger snapping before I hear the enemy whispering then laughing as I’m out of air done with time gasping


In other words distractions come from all places can’t be stuck on your face it’s not the main mission properly placed importance missing the mark feet slipping gotta run this race clothes moisture wicking to focus ahead been given all green lights can’t be stopped at the red I’ll read the Holy scriptures before bed and pay attention to the talk like Ted and boldly come before God’s throne without dread.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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