Stoplight Rights

Always preparing

Never ready

Far from ideal conditions

Waiting at every green light

Fibbing regarding getting the timing right

Postponing first steps


I’m waiting to be towed, I’m waiting to be moved, I’m waiting for daylight, a better attitude, don’t tell me to hurry up, come on don’t be rude, I’m waiting for my wait to be through, I’m always waiting.


Tomorrow is better

If it doesn’t come okay whatever

How long am I going to sleep

Motivation dead

Running motor going in my head

I need my daily bread

Renew my faulty processes please


I’m waiting for a sign, a bright light focused spotlight that shines, I’m waiting on a push, perhaps a slight kick to the tush, and it’s frustrating, in neutral while new roads are waiting, God help me move past contemplating, to action.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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