Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Ruby Blue

Best communication transferring between writings, line weather, thunder and lightening

I know what I must do, talk alone is empty, time to work towards relationship glue, sticking together

Deep down I’m ready to leave all deceptive duping destructive distractions behind but find my efforts lacking, mental processes slacking

Work to do yet parts of me napping, deny myself, even though the world says the opposite will help, it has not

God Almighty, I seem tied in military knots, you know every correct procedure, my shield and buckler train me for service God.


Gluttony, afraid needs won’t be met

Intoxicated by the way it all feels I guess

Plate after plate busy even after feeling dizzy on the outside it seems grotesque disgusting appalling gross and silly

Breached walls advantage to the enemy who exploits sensual situations with pinpoint accuracy

Sure you may be fine in this area but assaulted at a different location barrier air assaults airplane carriers constant war

Everyone has weaknesses while pretending to be impenetrable pointing out sins winking at their own even grin

Eyes twinkle the rush begins enticed and carried away heavy weighing corruptible sin first an invisible sin although some say it’s a nature meant to always win

An everyday struggle need our family to help each other let’s huddle bear each other’s burdens and watch while praying wearing God’s full armor seriously cease playing.


Maturity, will I arrive

This isn’t time for hide and seek childish games need to be laid aside better yet laid to rest

Anger is in the bosom of folks, pride a haughty raging mess

Even if I have to crawl to your throne, God, I will

Seems like when I get both hands around my behavior it spills

Surely I must be the worst child, lagging behind every mile, days I feel so vile, please help

I can do nothing without Jesus still this isn’t a recliner, am I whiner, every time I try to be motivated eyes receive double shiners

Afraid of my characteristics, main descriptions, mediocre efforts, hard headed, refuses to follow through after listening

Reducing prayer because of shame, where’s my worship of you God, lackluster acclaim, I’m firing but bullets and aim lame

My dad never loved me like I needed but he tried in his way, is this why I approach you joyfully sometimes then walk away, silence

Immaturity can not be hidden, I’m ashamed because of all the love and gifts given, still I feel lukewarm, afraid all mercy and grace eroded, worn

Deep sigh, repeat.


Enemy territory

At any time in any moment

Live fire severe threats

Am I still in basic training

Arrows come down raindrops it’s always raining

Always sunny in Philadelphia but that’s not where we’re staying

The aggressor won’t pause and he’s not playing

He won’t look for mercy and all love is lost

Grenades and landmines in the mind ill-will tossed

No such thing as a truce every line crossed

Influenced vessels eyes glossed hearts frost


Enemy territory

Controlled opposition

Influenced opinions

Inserted emotions

Steered ears listen

Arousing satisfaction

Net spread for senses

Come feed come get it

Then trap

Aha aha

Pulling by toes and fingers open bar

No longer sober minded hoping you won’t cut yourself off

Enemy territory.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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