Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

How I Got Them Problems

Too many errors, too many bad choices, turn away

I’m hearing running away will solve my problems, lie after lie

Nothing will ever change, don’t try just stand by and cry

Leaning on a broken leg for painful familiar feelings, unimportant thoughts spread around and I’m dealing with weaknesses

So many errors. Lack of control. Strongholds and thick barriers. Opportunities I forfeit they all fold

Just a few fingers still hold. A couple of ice cubes from being cold. I’m looking at the mirror instead of Jesus.

Of course I’m not good enough. Never have been, never will be. But it’s the him in me yeah faith in him and not what I see. God I believe break my unbelief.

I don’t want an evil unbelieving heart

Afraid of always committing errors yeah false starts

Am I ever going to change, this all feels too strange I’m in but still feel out of range

And I’m hearing running away will solve all my problems

But that’s how they grow and surely not how one solved them

Still I’m hearing that running away will solve most of my problems

But I’m thinking that’s how this began and how I got them.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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