Gloves At The Right Time

You say I can stay forever

I say choosing me isn’t bright far from clever

Flawed in my flaws inverted claws dangerous paws sad

My efforts look like jokes red ink stamped bad

Surely being prideful means I’m foolish yeah close to insanity truly mad

I need private time to meditate on how you’re everything my God and I’m just waste when I cut you out I click on me then paste

Am I really seeking you or chasing my own face

Say I’m hungry but then spit out manna unworthy of its taste


Running circles until purples appear in eyes honestly am I honest saying sincerely I really try

Ask me why I cannot answer currently feeling like I have two broken legs current occupation is dancer

You should be everything to me not a part-time enhancer I’m good at running in place terrible advancer

Is this true or am I tripping over my understanding loosed shoelaces loosened shoes injury on the landing

Faulty movements and bad equipment false branding I’m glad you’re patient with me God your mercy and grace outstanding

I’ll pray more.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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