Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Hosanna & Luck

Worshipping the Almighty God because he’s good wish I could say his love is completely understood when I was a teenager check engine light activated problems in and under the hood didn’t know if I’d make it didn’t know I could speak pray and ask for forgiveness stretch hands and reach

Always felt out of place always felt weak talking mental not physique cried myself to sleep depression awfully deep numbered among the goats oblivious to sheep feet seemed to be swept in clean sweeps clueless to Easter no peeps sad no stranger to the definition of weep

Until that afternoon I heard read the Holy Bible it was at the right time because I didn’t care regarding my survival my heart experienced a change Holy revival many years afterwards no longer suicidal vital to the mission of freeing fellow humans from spiritual prison Jesus operates with flawless precision and now I can smell what the Rock is cooking in the kitchen

The goodness of God leads thee to repentance, he has changed my operating procedures and focus of every sentence, seek God, find benevolence, seek God, find deliverance.


I need someone to hold my hand, evil and pain seem to rule this land, seems yesterday I was singing into mom’s box fan, unaware of how the scars I show now would come, began

I never fit in, here, behind enemy lines, my home somewhere else, God drawing me to his son and Jesus the only way the one, loving my soul, believing him translated me from the darkness into the Kingdom of light, child of the day no longer night, and

The Almighty God is good, I don’t need rabbit’s feet or have a need to knock on wood.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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