Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Future 2021

Scorecard scary bright eyes buried under varied concerns numerous sharp turns lessons heard but unlearned

Another year and our family is fading dear I refuse to go or be near to another funeral no suits for me unsuitable our frowns and groans status immutable

I’ve never cried harder than praying to God about my mistakes apologizing I’m sorry Father for being a sorry individual why do you care or even bother look in the mirror like that man really clobbers opportunities is he the enemy friend of a robber


Our pages turn, another year another chapter and we’re still walking towards our lives after the choices, seemingly small at the moment yet every clicked decision a precious component

Flying cars?

Can’t send our kids outside, can’t keep our inside, introverts break off like icebergs and hide, we ask where God is then turn away, saying he’s a fairy tale and our senses sense do as thou wilt is here to stay, if this life was all then I would cancel and leave, I’m an underdog, not wise after the flesh, not mighty, not noble, without Jesus Christ, I’d be immobile


God thank you for these forty years, so many tears, crying, praying, and cheers, I never thought I’d be a grandfather, bible reading poet silent author, curious regarding what the future in your hands has to offer, been a long journey from a scoffer, now I pray for strangers it’s only proper

I don’t want to die but I’m not so afraid of death I’m more concerned with my actions yeah consequences left write cognitive behavior therapy right in front of readers so you can see the transformation sun and rain of believers I take out trash every other day just like you if you can believe it

I weep bitterly on my knees understanding God makes the hottest heat and the gentle breeze carefree birds palmetto trees high mountains deep seas lungs within crisp air we breathe thank you God your love I love to receive onwards.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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