Changed Raiment

Runtime error

Maybe I’m slower than a check in the mail

Or being released after posting bail

A puny weight on a great scale

Giving myself importance is a waste

Things above carried around instead briefcase

Word of God a complex nourishing complete taste

Copy Jesus’ mind in me click paste


Days aren’t for my pleasure

Gotta mission gotta get it together

My life hid with Christ Jesus in God

Done being foolish now dropping every facade

Brothers and sisters in Christ my only squad

Part of the body of Christ eye nose leg quad

Always areas needing improvement

So I don’t think more of myself than I should make careful movements


Before I pass writing my wandering my journey

God has me walking upright previously needed a gurney

Now I have an advocate with the Father more than any earthly attorney

No longer in the white room of doom devastated immersed in gloom

Or consuming substances that turn around and consume

Disagree with and departed from teachings of Hume

Was an atheist but God didn’t leave me to my own understanding our relationship can resume

Read before you doubt

Know what you’re talking about

I’ve discovered treasure

Better than gold silver or whatever

Better than sensations better than pleasure

If you can count all sand then you can measure

The goodness of God

The enemy kills destroys and robs

Anything to disrespect God’s character

Say he’s indifferent asleep and deaf

Can you smell what the enemy is cooking a deceptive chef

Convince you he’s right until you have nothing left.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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