Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Actor And Extra


Don’t sit in your mud

I know how scary it looks

And sounds like a voice that always echoes in your head,

Aren’t you tired of giving in

Aren’t you, tired of, tripping over your cold feet

Flesh planned it all while you were asleep.


Dead end walks make us so tired

Pointless actions smother the much needed fire

And what do we desire, alarms on snooze

Gotta feel something because we refuse to choose moving

Stay still, breezes of stagnation thrill victimization

And maybe we’ll turn around after it’s too late

Feeling pointedly pointless in our self-made unlocked cage

Romance with the enemy, whispering the future is already here, and erasers are calling

Forcing our hands, erase your name

He can’t snatch you out of the Father’s hand but he’ll try to get you to leave

Will you repent or stray

Don’t lean on what you see and feel, do not

Aren’t you tired of laying down during the most important action scenes?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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