Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Broken Fellowship Fridays

Former choices have come with tanks to my front door

I can’t escape the consequences of what I’ve sowed

Planted with abandon and now it’s time to pay

Begging for mercy after ignoring every warning sign on the way

God, why do you care about me? I’m a terrible man full and empty

Empty of discipline, full of errors.


I can’t shake you shaking your head every second of the day

I swear I’ll do better but I stumble while walking away

Some say I shouldn’t look so closely in my mirrors

But I don’t feel safe anywhere at any time am I always missing your points

It’s just too hard to pretend I’m safe but my peers swear I think I’m perfect

If they only knew thoughts I battle under the surface


I, don’t, want, to, die

In mediocrity

Just in the gate escaping fire barely

Why, am, I, this way?


It’s not depressing I’m just asking questions

While I still have time to change

I don’t want to die and appear before the throne

Head down weeping bitterly

Wailing in my prison deemed disorderly

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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