Midst Of My Fight

You’ll hurt me and I can’t risk it, here comes a wall, good luck

How can I assemble with the saints when I can’t be vulnerable

Brothers, I’m not like the guys you hang around

Sisters, do you think I’m plotting evil when I’m around

I’ll just hang around, the exit just in case.


You’ll hurt me, you’ll betray me

If I open up, you won’t understand, so everyone is banned from my life. For life.


Can’t rebel, can’t forsake our relationship

Connected, the body is not to be dismissed

But I, can’t, pretend everything is perfect with a lying smile

Surely you’re focused on checking off boxes and if I fail, you’ll bail


I already know, but I don’t know, that’ll you’ll hurt me someway somehow

You’ll think you’re doing God service, causing my death

I’m done with, fake laughs and uncertain handshakes

I’ll show up, but, don’t look at me directly in eyes, I won’t compromise for a Sunday dinner invite

Great intensity in the midst of my fight.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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