Afraid I’ll go, bank account empty

Afraid I’ll go, rich here and poor in Heaven

Afraid I’ll go, find I missed millions of opportunities

Yeah I’m afraid I’ll go, die at work and they’ll throw me out with the trash, save some cash.

Afraid I’ll go, holding my chest shocked and devastated

Afraid I’ll go, and it’ll be someone I know as the cause

Afraid I’ll go, and can’t explain the waste of my talents and time given

Afraid I’ll go, and Jesus will say I’ve wasted my time here

I grow weary of this track, can’t understand the present, can’t go back

Nagging feeling I’m missing something, running my days out chasing nothing

Feeling like a dull pencil without words, bread looked over by hungry morning birds, stupid thoughts rated highly absurd, I can see but everything looks blurred


He had everything but did nothing, couldn’t see it.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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