Inside Voice Please

I don’t deserve a word from you

And I know it doesn’t work like that but still

How can I feel confident in my salvation when my weaknesses spill over everything I touch and speak

Jesus, how can I say I’m assured when I’m a professional at missing marks

Eyes off me on you still I don’t feel I’m arriving to class and I hear the enemy laugh

My brothers and sisters look at the outside for an excuse to say bye no fellowship to another broken family, cry

And I swear everything I do seems pointless oh my God I don’t want to hear I’ve been invisible, you never knew me

Waking up rough these days and barely sleeping feels lonely

I’m thinking the worst thing to see is God Almighty rolling his eyes at me like Edmond you’re always gonna be incomplete unknown to peace

Just thinking.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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