Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise


Poetry, to me, is an outlet to release internal pressure. As an INFJ personality type, I find writing to be beneficial in expressing myself. My mother, Judy, she gave me a notepad and told me to write because I was “getting on her nerves”.

I write where I am, what I know of. Sometimes this annoys me because I’m usually, in a few subjects for an extended period of time but so is life. Who know how long seasons last? Starting from January 2020, my perception of life changed again and you can tell a difference regarding how I write about what I feel. Looking back, I want to delete or more that stuff somewhere else but for now I’ll keep it.

I’ve been writing here for over eleven years and have been on WordPress for longer but deleted the other blogs I had. I have a habit of doing so. I’ll write more here later, I guess I should plan this out more. I always start and think it’ll be easy but it’s not. Or at least I’m not making it easy. Until then, peace to you all and thanks for reading.

About Me

More about me soon. Thanks for reading and sharing.


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