Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise


  • Two Cards For Nell

    Say things will change They’ll go west or east Sooner than later, And I know you want right now But just settle down Because this all seems long Tomorrow, it could all be gone, Stay awake Stay awake and pray God will show us more than we see Stay alert. ** But I don’t see… Continue reading

  • Acorn Trail

    Give me time to think and I promise it won’t be wasted Then I’ll waste time remembering how to breathe slowly, Can I get any space to recover I’m a few inches beneath still water, Blue screen, freeze, restart. Something is wrong but these currents carry me away and I don’t see any shore completely… Continue reading

  • A Flash Camera In South Carolina

    Plain, so you won’t stop by. I like, being invisible to your silly radar. And if I die as a “nobody” then whatever, But if I “become” someone you better, never say hello. See how this goes, they insult you until flashing lights come then try to rub elbows, a nobody to somebody hey can… Continue reading

  • Broken Fellowship Fridays

    Former choices have come with tanks to my front door I can’t escape the consequences of what I’ve sowed Planted with abandon and now it’s time to pay Begging for mercy after ignoring every warning sign on the way God, why do you care about me? I’m a terrible man full and empty Empty of… Continue reading

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