Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise


  • Petty Prescription

    Taking something out of sight to hide the rain Taking something out of sight to ignore familiar pains Anything to keep running the circuit without complaining Taking something to hide my disappointment I just need some time to plan my time I just need a way away from dumb numb whining * Been feeling like… Continue reading

  • Keep Your Eyes Completely Open

    Last day Can’t spend it sleeping I’ll stay awake * Now I’ll Stay alert every day like this One day I’ll be right Thinking Carefully with my eyes open guess things are brighter than I imagined * I was going to quit Thought I knew my ending God is great God is good Because I… Continue reading

  • Hold Hands In Therapy

    Unruly Can I stay focused at all Walk ahead smiling No more selfish thoughts crashing Ominous shore, unknown sea floor, how many gallons of mistakes are in my sea Sadly we’ll see Unruly Don’t shake your head at me, sentenced to my foolishness cheering louder than ever Oh I cannot fold, guess I’ll just carry… Continue reading

  • Actor And Extra

    Repent Don’t sit in your mud I know how scary it looks And sounds like a voice that always echoes in your head, Aren’t you tired of giving in Aren’t you, tired of, tripping over your cold feet Flesh planned it all while you were asleep. ++ Dead end walks make us so tired Pointless… Continue reading

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