Garbage post

  • Garbage Post: Panic Comfort Room

    Comfort zone retreat You stay, never wanting to leave But I want to see you Communicating closed, until it’s late Tied up, until you’re bored Easy sailing aboard Simple ways and life, away In that easy comfort zone, challenges are contained Better not, step out, or else, risks might soil your shirt Stay, but I’m… Continue reading

  • Garbage Post: Last Season Dropped Salt

    Point my dirty fingers at your heart Swear you’re the reason I feel lost Make you responsible but these are my parts We’ve had so many runs all seem like false starts Every I love you sounds good then departs never lasting long on the charts Picking up where we left off last season dropped… Continue reading

  • Garbage Post: Anna And

    Anna, When we hold hands, fear crumbles. So I say it’s time to step out and walk, Warmed hearts protected from aggressive frost, Frigid world, popular broadcasted antics. Proven cure in your care, Reason to cheer. Continue reading

  • Garbage Post: Grip Assured

    Limited understanding with short sight Still I look and search for something familiar Landmark with a grip although new places call Trusting but scared of mediocrity until my tour of duty ends Making coffee without coffee, yeah, drinking tea without tea Hearing without action, prayers without belief Say you haven’t forgotten my cries Your words… Continue reading