• Inside Voice Please

    I don’t deserve a word from you And I know it doesn’t work like that but still How can I feel confident in my salvation when my weaknesses spill over everything I touch and speak Jesus, how can I say I’m assured when I’m a professional at missing marks Eyes off me on you still… Continue reading

  • Short Stop In Summerville

    Empty or some way of saying hey I’m disoriented Oh God, am I wasting time in the cold rain of foolishness Can it be said that every action seems dull no point I know better yeah I know I know better yeah I know, still Why won’t my mind sit still and chill before I… Continue reading

  • Things We Put In The Storage Room And Forget

    Dead microphone days Hidden thoughts sealed away Defensive because I have to be No backstage passes no not one even for me Come over and rebuke the fists at my side Whisper guard down around you I’ll try but no promises You’re worthy of a pinch of vulnerability Just a glimpse of my hope’s fragility… Continue reading

  • Dramatization

    Your sunrise seems more valuable than mine, same time but I’m out of rhythm plenty of blues, hey what’s up same news same puzzle no clues, excuse my dramatization self-pity empty, lose + Where are true feelings, hidden in a worn notebook somewhere in the ceiling, dealing with things by using bottles, bottling company I’ll… Continue reading