• Rain Hiss

    In my head on my bed alone And it won’t stop raining Can’t see where I’m going There’s no point points everywhere Everywhere in nowhere Explanations and demonstrations outside stays dim Opportunities and advancement chances all slim Rolling back pointless delete the film Surely I don’t need a day off after every day of work,… Continue reading

  • Very Present Ears

    Ears Let me not look for them here There is a time for assistance via mankind There is a time all must be directed above And here I am, searching for guidance from God Almighty I will wait. I will trust. I will believe. I do. There is no other place to go Just to… Continue reading

  • Midst Of My Fight

    You’ll hurt me and I can’t risk it, here comes a wall, good luck How can I assemble with the saints when I can’t be vulnerable Brothers, I’m not like the guys you hang around Sisters, do you think I’m plotting evil when I’m around I’ll just hang around, the exit just in case. *… Continue reading

  • Muzzy

    Afraid I’ll go, bank account empty Afraid I’ll go, rich here and poor in Heaven Afraid I’ll go, find I missed millions of opportunities Yeah I’m afraid I’ll go, die at work and they’ll throw me out with the trash, save some cash. – Afraid I’ll go, holding my chest shocked and devastated Afraid I’ll… Continue reading