Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

  • Garbage Post: Estimated Payment

    Repair Organize Improve Reenforce When I need help and remain quiet don’t think it’s your fault Is it your fault when I don’t feel well? Is it your fault I’m being repaired? ** How can I say, the truth, I’m scared, due, for major changes Illness, confusion, worry, the end of my story on this… Continue reading

  • Improve & Peel

    Add additional prayers for us during this new season, I’ve tried to explain my downtime as I know expectations are piling up during my change of programming Undergoing maintenance yeah renovations, will you be patient, I’m hearing chimes, got caught off guard at the latest bell, seeing stars right now, ain’t feeling well Improve, what… Continue reading

  • Two Cards For Nell

    Say things will change They’ll go west or east Sooner than later, And I know you want right now But just settle down Because this all seems long Tomorrow, it could all be gone, Stay awake Stay awake and pray God will show us more than we see Stay alert. ** But I don’t see… Continue reading

  • Acorn Trail

    Give me time to think and I promise it won’t be wasted Then I’ll waste time remembering how to breathe slowly, Can I get any space to recover I’m a few inches beneath still water, Blue screen, freeze, restart. Something is wrong but these currents carry me away and I don’t see any shore completely… Continue reading

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