• Iron And Board

    Pulled by your hair, tricked by your emotions They guide you into a maze, snares looming If you continue to follow they’ll continue leading Believe every word they say even though you know they lie Unseen strings above our heads dancing to dread’s playlist Fear, terror, error, it’s clever, it all sounds like you *… Continue reading

  • 17:25

    Spend time with him Get to know him Take notes when he gets angry You’ll see hazard lights, And safety is far away from his presence Volatile the middle name Twisting stories gives him comfort When he causes shame, Don’t think he’ll ever change Especially if you hang around Do yourself a favor Get out… Continue reading

  • You’re In Love With Your Sadness

    Walking around like an orphan, who dares to care Like Billy Corgan, I’m not impressed by your loneliness In love with emotional currents, there you go swept away again my friend Don’t buy a wedding ring for your sadness Save your savings. • He doesn’t care for you You’re amusement yeah it’s cruel Outbursts kick… Continue reading

  • Spread Thin Things

    How far does the divergence and clutter go Flat, until traveling out, mountains arise, apprehension Guidance is needed and it’s a fear of mine, being deserted, having a hollow purpose, and currently nervous Jesus will never leave or forsake, still, I wonder if I’m out to sea alone, choices incorrect, route wrong No, he’s not… Continue reading