• Midst Of My Fight

    You’ll hurt me and I can’t risk it, here comes a wall, good luck How can I assemble with the saints when I can’t be vulnerable Brothers, I’m not like the guys you hang around Sisters, do you think I’m plotting evil when I’m around I’ll just hang around, the exit just in case. *… Continue reading

  • Lover Stamp

    Request Please allow me if I collapse, to do it in your arms. * Please If momentum halts If I stomp my feet and whine If I’m exhausted and sleepy Can I rest in you safely? * Rock, fortress, strong tower * When I cry Will you be disgusted When I feel alone Will you… Continue reading

  • Really Sealed

    I’m sorry, what? Is this real? You love me on my bad days without regret, without sighing sadly. Oh, can this be real? You care without changing, I find your love amazing. / Fear can go now. I appreciate this gift and my heart can slow down. Panic, isn’t a habit anymore and you’ve planned… Continue reading

  • Blood On Pillow

    Countdown until keeping wide bright eyes shut is preferred, Headaches mount with saddles secured with spikes underneath grinding teeth tightening fists, Twelve hours of sleep calling as injuries sing louder in a soulful chorus uncertain hymns, Be thankful for what you have, for anything or person entrusted to you. Blood on my pillow as time,… Continue reading