• Blood On Pillow

    Countdown until keeping wide bright eyes shut is preferred, Headaches mount with saddles secured with spikes underneath grinding teeth tightening fists, Twelve hours of sleep calling as injuries sing louder in a soulful chorus uncertain hymns, Be thankful for what you have, for anything or person entrusted to you. Blood on my pillow as time,… Continue reading

  • With Judy Renee

    Bad living brings a worse death, Checked every jar around my house finding no time left, Hiding misery written on a shiny death sentence, Crutches hid well don’t want pity as an offensive defense. * Spend time sparingly, might not be far off before lost knees, Walking over sacred plans, canceled dreams abandoned in quicksand… Continue reading

  • Grunge To Edmond

    I love you but it means nothing Same old excuses and I’m weak Splashing heavily to no avail Got out, I’m changed, flirting with endings She gives me hope with cold hands on my slippery throat I’m going somewhere appreciation shown in every quote Replace these temporary days with stability Fuck these bills end my… Continue reading

  • Chapter Five Features Demolition

    Hidden header Further down than a footnote Drink with me under heavily used bridges Liquid shots until bullets Are we really stuck in passive aggressive quicksand Completely damned Loved ones hurting more than helping We feel used and tired Both inspired to play in rush hour traffic Fifth time around and we’re going to do… Continue reading