• Very Present Ears

    Ears Let me not look for them here There is a time for assistance via mankind There is a time all must be directed above And here I am, searching for guidance from God Almighty I will wait. I will trust. I will believe. I do. There is no other place to go Just to… Continue reading

  • Never Had A True Handshake

    I’ve never had it and still, I might lose it all No one can rescue my stability Shaking hands turn, into, refusing ones Why bother reaching out Hiding my castle windows with metal blinds Concrete walls protecting my thoughts Cynicism, festering, prove me wrong, when All I’ve received has been, suspicious packages in their eyes… Continue reading

  • James 4:8 – Mark 9:24

    Draw close, I want to come closer to you God, some days, it’s easy, others, I feel resistance Not on your end, lightening and wind, taking my eyes off of you, doubting is cruel Brick wall moments that come and go, it’s annoying and embarrassing to crawl so slow in my walk, some days I’ll… Continue reading

  • Ever-Present Help At All Times

    Almighty God is our ever-present help in a time of need I forgot to ask, I forgot to call, tried to do everything on my own Was getting overwhelmed, frustrated, irritated, entirely deflated Pride hides in many costumes, full of arrogance and air, balloon After my rage, I realized I never asked my Lord and… Continue reading